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Welcome to the home of Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers or Mainline Dyno for short! 

Our Dynamometers represent a distinct, and unsurpassed, step forward in dynamometer technology, featuring advanced load control, industry leading data acquisition and innovative data analysis concepts, not offered by any other manufacturer.

If you are seeking a world-class dynamometer, that is capable of providing you with all of the diagnostic data that you need as an industry professional, look no further.  The Mainline DynoLog Dyno is a highly sophisticated diagnostic instrument that will always keep you and your business, at the forefront of performance measurement technology.  
Our systems are the preferred choice of many performance tuning & racing industry professionals, research & development organisations, and technical training institutions throughout the world.

Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers are proudly manufactured by Mainline Automotive Equipment Pty Ltd at our factory in Sydney Australia, and are exported throughout the world. Our export distribution and support network extends to the UK, Europe, USA, Asia, New Zealand and Middle East regions.
No matter where you are in the world, we can provide installation assistance and specialist operator training at your premises, to ensure you get the utmost from your Mainline Dyno!

Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers are developed and manufactured by Mainline Automotive Equipment Pty Ltd, in partnership with DynoLog Dynamometer Pty Ltd. DynoLog are well known for their engine dynamometer systems, used by such companies as Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), Holden Race Team (HRT), MoTec, Possum Bourne Motorsport and John Sidney Racing.


Historically, Mainline Automotive Equipment Pty Ltd stems from VANE Australia, a highly respected company that served the Australian Automotive Industry for over 50 years. From its humble beginnings, Mainline specialised in the distribution and sales of a diverse range of automotive diagnostic equipment. In the early 1990’s Mainline began developing and manufacturing computer based engine analysers for Australian and international markets.

Following the success of their engine analyser, Mainline started to develop and manufacture computer based chassis dynamometers. Throughout our history we have manufactured in excess of 600 chassis dynamometers, more than 1,000 Engine Analysers and have manufactured and represented a vast array of handheld diagnostic products for both domestic and international markets.

Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers have pioneered the growth of dynamometer technology into the 21st century. Our manufacturing excellence, advanced data logging, advanced data graphing and advanced analytical functions clearly make our products the envy of many other dynamometer manufacturers.




Mainline/DynoLog is totally committed to accuracy, and follows the approach that the dynamometer should determine a vehicle's power rather than the operator. Accordingly, the control system does not allow the operator to modify, influence or otherwise "fudge" the measured results. Mainline/DynoLog are recognised as the true & trusted standard for accuracy, consistency and repeatability throughout the industry.


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Mainline 2021 PROHUB 100 USA Post 1
We are pleased to announce reaching a major company, and product, milestone with ProHub Dyno sales now surpassing 100 units exported to the United States. 
We would like to thank all our US based clients for their patronage, and for choosing our ProHub products, over all others, for their performance and business needs. 
We look forward to many more units being sent across the Pacific to new homes in the USA in the years to come.