Why Choose a Mainline Dyno?

Welcome to the world of the new-generation, truly professional chassis dyno.  The Mainline/DynoLog chassis dyno is the perfect choice for the astute dyno operator who wants equipment that can do more, and the professional operator who wants the latest in features and equipment that will enable him to take his business and his technical expertise to a new level.

The Mainline/DynoLogdyno represents a distinct step forward in dyno technology.  While other manufacturers continued to produce basic equipment that simply measure torque/power, speed, Air: Fuel Ratio (and little else) in the same way they have for the last decade or more, the Mainline/DynoLog dynotook a new direction and has led the way in adapting the chassis dyno from a simple measuring device to also being a highly sophisticated diagnostic instrument.

All dynos are not comparable and there are huge differences in their functionality.  Avoid making the mistake of using price as the only factor in choosing a chassis dyno, and take the time to look closely and sort out what each brand of dyno is capable of doing for you and your business.   The difference between the diagnostic capabilities of any two dynos can be enormous.  The total package cost may be a little more for a dyno with highly-advanced diagnostic capabilities and technology, but the right dyno will save you time, allow you to do more, and also enhance your earnings and your business reputation. 

So if you are used to using a competitor’s dyno, be prepared for a host of extra pleasant surprises. Mainline/DynoLog are the innovators of the dyno industry and the Mainline/DynoLog dyno is at the forefront of dynamometer technology, featuring state-of-the-art All Wheel Drive hardware and multitasking Windows 10® software, and offering the ultimate in flexibility with a Two Wheel Drive version that is engineered for easy conversion to All Wheel Drive.  

The Mainline/DynoLogdyno has innovative vehicle testing concepts, advanced on-screen graphics and performance-plus characteristics.  From its comprehensive, user-friendly Windows 7® software platform, heavy-duty roller construction and total “In-Car” operation, the Mainline/DynoLogdyno will maximise your workshop’s professional image, your profit potential, and your dyno satisfaction.

Our dynamometers have been tested and approved in accordance with EMC standards AS/NZS3548:1995 +A1, A2:1997 and CISPR22:1997 and are C-Tick compliant. Our ACA Supplier Code is N12054.


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Mainline 2021 PROHUB 100 USA Post 1
We are pleased to announce reaching a major company, and product, milestone with ProHub Dyno sales now surpassing 100 units exported to the United States. 
We would like to thank all our US based clients for their patronage, and for choosing our ProHub products, over all others, for their performance and business needs. 
We look forward to many more units being sent across the Pacific to new homes in the USA in the years to come.