2WD600L Series - Standard Features & Inclusions


2WD600L Series Chassis Dynamometer


  • High quality, and visually aesthetic, chassis bed
    (Upgradeable to AWD/ 4WD)

  • Above ground or in ground pit installation
    ( Automatic bi-directional operation)

  • Quality high capacity Frenelsa retarder
    (Power absorption unit)

  • Up to 250 kph test speeds / 1200 Hp capacity

  • Vehicle traction control & restraint kit

  • 10 vehicle anchor points / 4 relocatable anchor eye bolts

  • Workstation control & storage cabinet

  • Automatic Weather Station
    ( Live & continuous environmental power correction)

  • Industry Leading Dyno Controller
    (Precise, accurate, safe, super responsive & repeatable)

  • Wireless Keyboard Dyno Controller

  • Computer Control System, 22” LCD Colour Monitor, and Windows 10 ™ OS standard

  • Mainline DynoLog L series Dyno Software for Windows 10™

  • Steady State and Dynamic Power Ramp / Pull Tests

  • Dynamic Graph Live to Screen
    (graph up to 3 channels simultaneously)

  • Graph over Graph Comparison Tests
    ( Power / Torque graph over road speed or engine RPM)

  • Dedicated Graph Analysis Screen

  • Digital Data Displays
    (Operator definable)

  • Channel Alarms
    (Operator definable warnings for dyno data channel)

  • Mainline Wide band AFR / Lambda Meter
    (Definable – Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG, Methanol, Ethanol, E10 & E85)

  • Target Air: Fuel Ratio, & on screen graphical correction calculator

  • Twin MAP/ Boost sensors
    (Pressure Differential Testing & Analysis)

  • Target Boost & graphical correction calculator

  • Engine Tacho / RPM
    (Derived from roller speed)

  • Test Data Management System
    (Log, display, graph, save, recall, edit, reprint saved test results)

  • Customised reports - Insert business logo, or other images on print reports and much, much more!

  • Fully expandable – Hundreds of available options, and more than 250 supported external devices

  • Trusted Mainline DynoLog technology !


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Mainline 2021 PROHUB 100 USA Post 1
We are pleased to announce reaching a major company, and product, milestone with ProHub Dyno sales now surpassing 100 units exported to the United States. 
We would like to thank all our US based clients for their patronage, and for choosing our ProHub products, over all others, for their performance and business needs. 
We look forward to many more units being sent across the Pacific to new homes in the USA in the years to come.